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SephirothSephiroth is first introduced in the game when Cloud and his company (known as AVALANCHE), detained in Shinra's headquarters, wake up only to find their cell doors ajar and their jailors, including President Shinra slaughtered. Evidence of the method of the onslaught, as well as the unique weapon used, leads Cloud to conclude that it was the act of Sephiroth, the famous former member of Shinra's elite warriors who is believed to have died five years ago. Cloud tells his friends how five years ago, he and Sephiroth, who were part of Shinra’s army, were sent to Nibelheim (Cloud's hometown) to investigate a malfunctioning Shinra reactor. However, Sephiroth went rogue, burned down Nibelheim and killed many. He disappeared under mysterious circumstances and was presumed dead.

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